Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction is a problem that’s more common than you may realize. You don’t have to live with ED or have it interfere with a robust sex life. GAINSWave® is an innovative therapy that treats ED and is available from Gary Palmer, MD, at Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Center in West Chester, Centerville, and Englewood, Ohio. The technology uses low-intensity acoustic waves to break up plaques within blood vessels that are limiting blood flow to the penis and compromising your erections. Call the nearest office or book an appointment online to learn more.

Erectile Dysfunction Q & A

What are symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Every man may face trouble obtaining or maintaining an erection on occasion, due to stress, fatigue, or substance use. However, ED is a possible problem when you consistently have:

  • Difficulty getting an erection
  • Trouble keeping an erection
  • Reduced sexual desire

You may suffer emotional and physical distress due to ED. Don’t let embarrassment or fear of stigma stop you from seeking treatment.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Sexual arousal requires multiple bodily systems to work in concert. Your brain, emotions, muscles, hormones, blood vessels, and nerves must be in sync, and a problem in any of these areas can result in ED.

What is GAINSWave®?

GAINSWave is an all-natural treatment for erectile dysfunction. The technology uses extracorporeal shockwave therapy to treat the condition.

GAINSWAVE gets at the root cause of ED by increasing circulation and encouraging the release of growth factors into your penis, helping to form new blood vessels. 

The high-intensity shockwaves also break down micro-plaques blocking blood vessels to further encourage better blood flow.

Why should I consider GAINSWave?

GAINSwave is an entirely natural, drug-free way to treat erectile dysfunction. Your treatment is short and performed right in the office. Patients describe GAINSwave treatments as comfortable, and as a result, you experience:

  •  Enhanced sexual performance
  •  Increased sensitivity
  •  Stronger erections

GAINSwave is nonsurgical and noninvasive. It causes no unwanted side effects and is successful in 75% of cases. After a treatment, you can get right back to your busy day with no need for downtime. You may see immediate results and experience a spontaneous erection within 24 hours of the treatment session.

The experienced team at Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Center can help you determine if you would benefit from GAINSwave. While it’s primarily used to treat ED, it can be used to address other concerns, such as Peyronie’s disease or male enhancement.

How many GAINSwave sessions will I need?

You may notice benefits after just one session, but men typically get optimal results after a series of regular treatments. The staff creates a customized treatment plan to ensure you’re seeing the best results possible.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, pursue a natural treatment with GAINSwave technology at Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Center. Call to set up your consultation or book online today.