Age Spots

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Often resulting from too much time in the sun, age spots can mar your complexion and make you look older than you actually are. At Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Center, Gary Palmer, MD, and a team of aesthetic specialists help fade these harmless, but frustrating, pigmented areas using advanced laser treatment that breaks up the dark particles in the skin and restores a more even skin tone. The practice has offices in West Chester, Centerville, and Englewood, Ohio. Call the nearest location or schedule a consultation online to learn how to get rid of unsightly age spots and have glowing skin.

Age Spots Q & A

Why do I have age spots?

Age spots aren’t really about how old you are. Although they typically develop in people older than 50, they can show up earlier if you spend a lot of time exposed to ultraviolet light. They often appear on the face, shoulders, hands, and arms – areas regularly exposed to the sun.

Age spots are benign, meaning they’re harmless and noncancerous, but they can make you feel self-conscious. Diligent sun protection and avoiding the sun in its strongest hours help prevent age spots from developing, but if you already have them, seek treatment at Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Center.

How are age spots treated?

At Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Center, the team uses Cynosure’s Icon® laser to effectively lighten age spots and smooth out your complexion. The system effectively targets age spots, which absorb the laser energy. This process destroys the spots so they flake away naturally.

The practice has both the MaxYs and MaxG handpieces to treat brown spots of all sizes and even to address larger patches of hyperpigmentation. Icon’s special cooling technology ensures your surrounding skin remains protected and comfortable during treatment. 

What are the benefits of treating age spots with the Icon laser?

The Icon laser is effective at addressing age spots as well as treating other types of skin complaints including:

  • Melasma
  • General sun damage
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

Treatments cause minimal pain and result in no damage to the surrounding tissue. Following treatment, you need little to no downtime, meaning you can get back to life quickly. Unlike traditional thermal lasers, you experience no swelling or redness following treatment.

The laser still provides the optimal energy levels to destroy age spots. You need fewer treatment sessions than you might with many other types of lasers. Many people need just one session to see smoother, clearer skin. 

If you have numerous brown patches or particularly dark age spots, your doctor may recommend a series of sessions. Each session is relatively short, lasting just about 20 minutes total.

If you’re ready to erase age spots to create an evenly toned, youthful glow, call Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Center or schedule a consultation online to learn about treating age spots with the Icon laser.