Tighten Muscles Without Stepping Foot in the Gym With EMSCULPT

Science and technology have brought us many benefits that save time and effort while not sacrificing fabulous results. Your parents may have told you that if something sounds too good to be true, it’s probably not true. However, that doesn’t apply to the EMSCULPT® muscle tightening system

If you’re ready to tone your abdomen, buttocks, arms, calves, and thighs without endless, repetitive workouts, the talented team at Advanced Laser & Cosmetic Center offers the EMSCULPT system to tone and build muscle. 

At our three locations in southwestern Ohio, our team of aestheticians, laser technicians, and body sculpting experts can use the EMSCULPT system to remake your body

Achieve the right balance 

A difficult aspect of building the perfect body is achieving the right balance between muscle and fat. 

Losing weight and getting rid of unwanted pockets of fat require both healthy dieting and effective exercise. This is because burning fat and building toned muscles are necessary to shape your body into the beautiful and attractive form you desire. 

There are many paths to losing the fat, but building and toning the necessary muscle has always meant trips to the gym and endless workouts. EMSCULPT provides the key to adding and toning muscle without the traditional methods that demand so much effort. 

Add muscle

Adding more muscle means leg lifts, stomach crunches, bench pressing, and more, right? What if you could lie still and quiet for 30 minutes to tone and tighten your muscles? With EMSCULPT, you can. 

The EMSCULPT muscle tightening system uses the technology of high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to work your muscles. The energy travels through your muscles and induces powerful contractions. 

These contractions mimic the actions of working out, performing a stronger workout than anything you can achieve on your own.

EMSCULPT gives your muscles the best workout possible through repeated contractions in the allotted time. Your muscles then respond by remodeling and rebuilding to keep up with the workload from HIFEM energy. 

Where is EMSCULPT effective?

Men and women can use EMSCULPT to tone their abdomen, buttocks, arms, and legs. 

Patients report feeling as if they have just completed a strenuous workout — because EMSCULPT has done exactly that while you lie comfortably! The technology is noninvasive, so you tolerate the treatments without any problems. 

The aesthetics team at Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Center recommends a series of EMSCULPT treatments spaced several days apart to allow your muscles time to rebuild and grow. Your aesthetician may recommend other treatments also, to reduce pockets of fat and further tone your body. 

Call Advanced Laser & Cosmetic Center in West Chester, Centerville, or Englewood, Ohio, or book your appointment online at the office most convenient for you and begin your body sculpting journey with us today. 

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