Myths and Facts About Laser Hair Removal

Nothing is more of a drudge than the time spent shaving unwanted hair, and nothing is quite as painful as alternatives like waxing. That’s why laser hair removal is one of the top cosmetic procedures at Advanced Laser and Cosmetic

We find that some of our clients approach laser hair removal with trepidation because they’ve heard stories of pain and have read false information online. Take note as we debunk the top five myths about laser hair removal.

Myth 1: Laser hair removal is only temporary

If you search online, you’ll undoubtedly come across information saying that laser hair removal is temporary. That’s a big myth. When we treat your hair with the Cynosure Elite™ and the Cynosure Vectus®, the hair follicles in a growth stage are destroyed by the laser’s heat. Without a healthy follicle, hair can’t grow. 

As a result, your laser hair treatment produces permanent results. What could be better than never again worrying about shaving, waxing, or plucking?

Myth 2: All hair is eliminated after one treatment

The Cynosure Elite™ and the Cynosure Vectus® laser does an exceptional job of eliminating unwanted facial and body hair, but it can’t get rid of all your targeted hair in one treatment. Here’s why: Your hair grows in cycles and only responds to the laser when it’s in a growth cycle.

Every hair follicle on your body goes through a growth phase, then enters a short transitional stage, before going into a rest phase. When the follicle is dormant, the existing hair falls out. A new hair grows when the follicle stops resting and enters a new growth phase.

On the day you come in for your laser hair removal, follicles in the area being treated will all be in different parts of varying cycles. To catch all the follicles during a growth phase, you’ll need 5-7 laser hair removal sessions, depending on the area of your body being treated. 

Before your first laser session, we’ll give you an estimate of the number of treatments you’ll need.

Myth 3: Eliminating hair with a laser is seriously painful

In the hands of our highly trained team and using today’s most advanced laser, your hair removal is virtually painless and easily tolerated by most patients. It’s often described as feeling like having a rubber band snapped against your skin. However, each patient has different levels of tolerance.

For some patients, the laser pulse causes no discomfort, while others have sensitive skin. We always offer a numbing cream to ensure your treatment is comfortable.

Myth 4: Laser hair removal won’t work on all skin types and hair colors

This myth began back in the days when laser hair removal was new and the lasers weren’t as technologically advanced as those we use today. Back then, they couldn’t remove blonde or gray hair, and the laser wasn’t safe for dark-colored skin.

But that’s no longer true with today’s cutting-edge lasers. The Cynosure Elite™ and the Cynosure Vectus® laser uses a wavelength that’s safe for all skin types and colors, including tanned skin. It also effectively eliminates most hair colors and thick, coarse hair.

Myth 5:  Laser hair removal is only for women

Laser hair removal isn’t just for women. Men want a sleek, hair-free look on their chest, arms, and legs, but they sure don’t like the time-consuming routine of shaving their body. And no one wants the pain of waxing. 

Many men take advantage of laser hair removal, and they get the same fantastic results as women because the laser tackles all types of hair. 

If you have any questions about laser hair removal, call us at Advanced Laser and Cosmetic. If you’re ready to start the process, give us a call or use the convenient online booking feature to schedule an appointment.

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