Botox for Crow's Feet: What You Need to Know

You may have expected wrinkles on your forehead, but wrinkles developing at the corners of your eyes may catch you by surprise. They can make you look significantly older — and you might be looking for a way to turn back the clock.

Good news: We offer just that at Advanced Laser and Cosmetic in West Chester, Centerville, and Englewood, Ohio. With Botox®, we can smooth crow’s feet to help you look your best through the years. What’s more, Botox treatment is quick and convenient.

If you’re looking for a way to get rid of crow’s feet, here’s everything you need to know about Botox for those eye wrinkles. 

How Botox works for crow’s feet

Botox is a cosmetic injectable that’s specifically designed for dynamic wrinkles. These are the wrinkles that form as a result of repeated facial expressions in the area. Specifically, you can get dynamic wrinkles in three areas:

The latter, also known as crow feet, can quickly make you look older than you are. Although forehead wrinkles might make you look surprised or frown lines between your brows can make you look stern, crow’s feet don’t really change your facial expression. They simply age you.

Fortunately, Botox can smooth out those telltale lines. When your Advanced Laser and Cosmetic provider injects a tiny amount of Botox into the muscles at the corners of your eyes, it freezes those muscles. Once frozen, the skin over those muscles has a chance to relax. The result? Smoother, younger-looking skin in the treated area. 

What to expect with Botox treatment for crow’s feet

There’s a reason more than a million Americans get Botox each year. Not only is this treatment highly effective for dynamic wrinkles, but it’s also extremely convenient. The treatment itself takes just minutes and comes with absolutely no downtime. You can pop into our office on your break, get your Botox injections, then continue on with your day immediately afterward. In fact, Botox is commonly referred to as a lunchtime procedure.  

Botox keeps your crow’s feet at bay for several months at a time. Anytime you see the wrinkles start to reappear, you can pay us another visit to keep the skin around your eyes smooth and youthful. 

Ultimately, Botox gives you an extremely convenient way to get rid of those unwelcome wrinkles at the corners of your eyes. If you’re ready to get Botox and say goodbye to your crow’s feet, call our office, or schedule your appointment online today. 

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