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Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Center in West Chester, Centerville, and Englewood, Ohio, is a leading aesthetic laser specialist center providing non-ablative cosmetic procedures with little to no downtime. The team, led by Gary Palmer, MD, utilizes lasers and other products to enhance and improve the appearance of their patients’ skin.

The practice offers a variety of services, including laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, erectile dysfunction treatments, excessive sweating treatments, wrinkle reduction, skin resurfacing, and skin tightening procedures using ThermiSmooth® 250. Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Center also features fractionated laser devices for facial rejuvenation, stretch mark removal, laser resurfacing, scar treatments, and acne scars, as well as devices for body contouring, muscle toning, and fat reduction.

The practice offers the area’s greatest selection of medically-administered, non-surgical cosmetic procedures, facial fillers, and injectables such as Sculptra®, Botox®, and Juvederm®. Their leading-edge technology allows for the safest and most effective procedures, ranging from ThermiRF™ skin tightening to the removal of acne scars with the leading-edge Palomar Icon™ 1540 fractional laser.

At Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Center, the most important part of your “skin fitness journey” is the consultation. This is the opportunity for you to meet Dr. Palmer and the staff to discuss your cosmetic needs. Together, you determine the best approach to achieving your “skin fitness” goals. There is a $50 fee for cosmetic and tattoo removal consultations, and no charge for laser hair removal consultations. An average consultation takes about 15 minutes, and the consultation fees are applied to treatment costs. 

To schedule a consultation at Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Center, call the office or book an appointment online today.

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Help! I Regret My Tattoo

Do you have an embarrassing tattoo? You don’t have to live with it, hide it, or cover it with makeup. It’s time to learn more about laser tattoo removal. It’s safe and effective, and it could be the answer to your tattoo regret.

Myths and Facts About Laser Hair Removal

Have you thought about laser hair removal but held off because you’ve heard it’s painful or wouldn’t work for your skin or hair color? Those are only myths, so don’t let them stand in your way. Instead, explore the truth behind laser hair removal.

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