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At the Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Center, with locations in Sharonville, Cincinnati, Ohio and Centerville, Dayton, Ohio, only highly-experienced professionals, using the safest and most advanced lasers, perform your laser hair removal procedure.

Laser Hair Removal

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal is a simple office procedure in which a laser, directed at a specific area on the face or body, emits light energy penetrating the skin into hair follicles and destroying them. Each pulse of the laser inactivates a large number of hair follicles, preventing hair from ever regrowing. Men can permanently reduce hair on the chest, back, abdomen or anywhere hair grows.  Women can get rid of unwanted hair on the upper lip, cheek, or chin, neck as well as, the legs, arms, bikini line, underarms or anywhere hair grows.  Depending on the density of hair and the size of the area being treated, optimal results will take between 5 and 7 visits.

What does the procedure entail?

Laser hair removal treatments are quick, and mildly pain-free, and require no anesthetics or down time. Most patients describe the sensation as feeling like a mild rubber band snap. In addition, our advanced lasers have built-in cooling systems to further ensure pain is greatly reduced.  The duration of each session ranges from 5 minutes to an hour, again depending on how large and dense the hair of the treatment area is. Afterward, clients are free to resume their daily activities.  Clients should always avoid tanning weeks before and after treatment.

Are results permanent?

Just about everyone enjoys 85-95 % permanent reduction of facial and body hair. Sometimes hormonal changes cause hair to return. These can easily be retreated.

Can we treat all colors of hair?

No, not all colors of hair can be treated. The laser responds best to dark black or dark brown hair. Gray, white or red hair does not respond well with laser treatment. For those colors, we offer electrology treatments. Electrology destroys the hair bulb one hair at a time and is time-consuming. However, it offers the only treatment for the permanent removal or gray, white or red hair.  

Why should I choose the Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Center for my hair removal procedure?

At the Advanced Laser and Cosmetics Center, your procedure is performed by expertly trained professionals using the latest, safest and most versatile types of lasers, the Cynosure Eliteand the Cynosure Vectus®. These state-of-the-art systems can effectively remove nearly every type of hair – from curly to find - on nearly every type skin, including darker or tanned skin. In addition, the Elite laser enables for easy switching between two wavelengths so that more than one skin type per session can be treated with the same device. That means if your legs are tan, but your bikini area isn’t, we can effectively treat both with different wavelengths and you don’t have to move. When selecting who performs any medical aesthetic procedure, make sure the individual is experienced, not only using each laser, but knowing which one will achieve the best results for your skin type and color. Ohio law requires the laser operator for hair removal to be a doctor, nurse, PA or an Electrologist.

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