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The skilled professionals at Advanced Laser and Cosmetics, with offices in Sharonville, Cincinnati, Ohio and Centerville, Dayton, Ohio, are renowned for their skill in administering Juvederm® that delivers attractive and completely natural-looking results.


What is Juvederm®?

Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid-based filler that is used to plump up creases, lines and wrinkles on the the face. The results are unbelievable, leaving skin significantly more youthful, yet still natural-looking in appearance. Juvederm is made from a synthetic version of this same hyaluronic acid that is naturally found in the body. Juvederm is extremely effective in adding mid-face volume. Fullness from this area of the face is often lost with aging. In adding mid-face volume the cheeks, in turn, are lifted. In addition, Juvederm is great at enhancing thin lips and filling in hollows under the eyes that can make you look tired.

How does it work and what does treatment entail?

Once Juvederm is injected, the gel replenishes the hyaluronic acid that has been lost over time causing a smoother, more youthful appearance. Treatments typically take 30 minutes and do not require any recovery time, so you can have a treatment on your lunch break and return to work afterward. The injections can cause some minor discomfort during treatment. But any mild redness or swelling post treatment resolve shortly on their own.

How long do the benefits of Juvederm treatment last?

This will vary between patients, but in general Juvederm results last a full year, and for some, even longer. As effects begin to fade, the procedure can be repeated.

Why should I select Advanced Laser and Cosmetics for my Juvederm treatment?

When administered by experienced professionals, like the team at Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Center, Juvederm looks completely natural. That’s because medical aesthetic procedures are exclusively what do. Our team of experts are highly trained with unparalleled experienced, receiving rave reviews from countless satisfied patients throughout the area. We’re also committed to providing the best customer service possible in a welcoming and relaxing environment.

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