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Body contouring stubborn fat deposits is now possible without the risks, pain and downtime involved with liposuction or surgery? Check out body contouring with ThermiRF radiofrequency technology at the Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Center, with offices in Sharonville, Cincinnati, Ohio and Centerville, Dayton, Ohio.

Body Contouring

What is body contouring?

Body contouring refers to the cosmetic removal of fat or fat cells that tend to accumulate in specific parts of the body, such as the abdomen, flanks, and buttocks. They are those trouble spots that no amount of exercise or dieting seem to be able to eradicate.

What type of body contouring does Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Center offer?

Here at the Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Center, we offer fat reduction/body sculpting for small fat deposits, using the Term RF (radio frequency) skin tightening system. This minimally-invasive, non-surgical procedure can destroy small, unwanted deposits of fat. It is a far simpler procedure for small deposits of fat, versus liposuction. By contrast, liposuction highly invasive, entails some major risks, a lengthy recovery, and big price tag.

What is ThermiRF?

ThermiRF utilizes radiofrequency energy to reduce unwanted fat deposits, along with, stimulating collagen growth to tighten and tone the skin. 

What sets ThermiRF apart from other laser or liposuction treatments is that it has temperature controls that allow for temperature monitoring throughout the treatment. Patients who undergo ThermiRF have a reduced risk of scars or burns due to this innovative temperature control system.

How does this treatment work?

Patients with small amounts of stubborn fat deposits do not need to rely on invasive surgery or liposuction in order to get the figure or physique they desire. With ThermiTight™, our experts use a small tube device under the skin that heats up unwanted fat cells through targeted radiofrequency energy. Once the fat cells are heated, they are destroyed and naturally eliminated from the body via its lymphatic system. An added benefit: the skin of the treated area is also toned and tightened. ThermiTight is the perfect contouring option for patients seeking spot fat removal in small areas that have not responded to diet and exercise. Among the most common spots ThermiRF is used to treat are love handles, arms, and knees. This non-surgical body sculpting procedure is safe, virtually painless involves only minimal downtime and works!

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