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Those brown spots on your hands and face can make you look old, but they don’t have to. The appearance of age spots is easily and quickly erased with advanced, non-invasive optimized light technology, administered by the pros at Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Center, with locations in Sharonville, Cincinnati, Ohio and Centerville, Dayton, Ohio.

Age Spots

What causes age spots?

Age spots, also known as “liver spots” because they were once wrongly thought to be associated with liver problems, are actually caused by years of exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light. Melanin, or pigment, is the substance in the upper layer of skin responsible for its color. The sun’s UV light accelerates the production of melanin. When melanin is produced in high concentrations it can become clumped on the face and areas of the body –  most often the neck, chest, arms, hands, and legs – that have had the greatest sun exposure The result are flat brown spots, that can give away an otherwise youthful-looking person’s age.

How does Advanced Laser & Cosmetic Center remove age spots?

We achieve incredible results without any patient downtime using Cynosure’s top-rated optimized light technology, called Palomar Icon. With the device’s special hand-piece, light is targeted at the age spot and absorbed by the excess melanin, without harming surrounding skin. This sophisticated device has a built-in melanin reader, which detects the melanin density to accurately diagnose skin tone, ensuring the appropriate level of light is applied. Our centers have both the MaxYs and MaxG handpiece to treat all sizes of brown spots and larger brown patches. This device also has a built-in advanced cooling system to ensure skin protection and comfort. By absorbing the light, the age spot is destroyed. Over the next few weeks, it will initially turn darker in color and flake off.

What does the procedure entail?

This is a simple office procedure that takes only minutes. During the treatment, you will need to wear protective eyewear. As the hand-piece glides over the area being treated, specialized pulses of light are delivered into your skin targeted at the brown spots. Our patients will typically see significant results on the first treatment, but multiple treatments may be needed for large or exceptionally dark spots. Most patients find treatment only mildly uncomfortable, as there is a built-in cooling system for comfort. However, if you are especially sensitive, a topical anesthetic can be applied in advance to numb the skin.

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